Su-Doku grids

The PDF version:4_hypercube.pdf

The PDF version with some numbers already printed in the square:4_hypercube_with_su_doku_numbers.pdf

Wishlist: Charmap editor
A simple but highly desirable property that I haven't ever seen in a text editor is described here. If ever you encounter an editor that can manipulate text in such blocks I'd much like to hear about it.

Wishlist: GUI command line integration in file managers.

Proposition: Open source code isn't really open source unless the code is not only freely avaliable but also easy to modify. Poorly documented or obfuscated open source code defeats the prime objective of open sourcing.

Project: Documenting the NVU source code, a relative of Mozilla Composer.

Kapellmeister! Musik! Brought to you by the male choir of the Konevets Island Monastery on Lake Lagoda. (CDs and concert tour details available on request)

... and the program of an organ recital.

Taking a stand A poem by Peter Higgins, Chief Mathematician.


I have found it comparatively hard to find supercomputers available for hire, so here's a list of any that I find. Aristotle required that for something to be real, it must be possible to find a specific instance of it. So let's start making on-demand supercomputing a reality!

Low Power Desktop Computers

In a similar vein, here is a list of machines with a low enough power consumption that I can keep them switched on 24/7.

Printer Guide for Mac OS X with Samsung SCX-4100

The guide is here.

For installing the SCX-4100 under Debian or Ubuntu I or Ubuntu I strongly recommend the Samsung Unified Linux Driver repository. It just works.

... and notes on some zeroconf trouble.

... and the beginnings of some python notes.

... and some utilities for managing paths in bash.

Self signed SSL certificate for apache2 on Debian

Create an SSL certificate and install it.

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